Meet the team: Sandra

Sandra is half French, half Portuguese and moved to Lisbon after living six years in Paris. She loves fashion and likes the mix between casual and high heels.

ATM, she is most happy when in the sun (ideally on her balcony) with a book in hand (currently How to do the work - Dr. Nicole LePera).

How would you describe your style?

My style is eclectic because I get bored easily if I wear or see something for too long. In my daily life, it’s either pants, or denim, or sweatpants (a lot). Always with a cute top or a shirt—I love a good white t-shirt.

My nighttime style is definitely more glamorous. I always have a good colorful top. Otherwise I wear pretty little glamorous cocktail dresses—I’m lucky to have Dress On The Go now, I really have "endless" options to be as classic or as playful as I'd like.

What do your first 60 minutes of the day look like?

Big glass of water, meditation for 5/10min and then I hit the gym

Best Instagram accounts to follow?

@emilisindlev for an unconventional approach to mixing colours and prints
@aminamuaddi for creativity, genius and fashion/ business related inspo
@melissawoodhealth for a good dose of well-being and lifestyle inspiration

What are the top 3 pieces to rent from DOTG this winter?

Amina Muaddi pvc Begum Stiletto, Zeffon Zebra Blazer and a cute dress from one of my fav designers Raisa Vanessa

Best advice you've ever received?

Do one thing that scares you everyday!

Whose closet would you like to rent - dead or alive?

Hailey Bieber IRL or Carrie Bradshaw for fiction

Best podcasts to listen while working? 

English: The School of Greatness
French: Le podcast de Pauline Laigneau
Portuguese: Bate Pé/ O ceu é o limite

Guilty pleasure during weekends?

Scrolling on Tik Tok, I’m quite obsessed

Best Tik Tok accounts to follow?

@somymomsatherapist for my conscious fellows out-there
@xeniaadonts for daily outfit inspiration
@logfive for a good laugh (in French!)

What are you taking into 2023, and what are you leaving behind?

A lot of dresses, obviously. Leaving behind? Bad energy, waiting for the perfect time and forgetting to count my blessings

And finally, what is your biggest personal or professional success to date?

Starting to know myself and loving myself. It was a whole process of personal growth and maturity