Our Story

Sandra moved to Paris at age 20, after a dream to pursue a career in the fashion industry. 

In the City of Lights, she experienced the latest trends being born, iconic concept stores like Colette or the new Galeries Lafayette store on the Champs Elysées and the influence of Paris’s rich artistic environment on a daily basis. 

While interning in a well-known agency or in the world's largest luxury goods companies and working on fashion week’s + prestigious events, she started curating emerging designers together with global brands and mixed them with rare, collectable vintage designs- sadly feeding into the « wear once » mindset.

While working from home during lockdown, her wardrobe that was fit to burst, opened her eyes to the overconsumption of the fashion industry. She sold almost 80% of her closet and donated to charity. 

It turned out to be a life-changing moment that drove her to change cities and look for a better way to consume clothes while keeping it stylish. Inspired by a love for fashion and a mission to break the “one-time outfit rule”, Sandra founded Dress On The Go, a luxury-on-loan destination, for fashion lovers and conscious shoppers.

« As a self-confessed (ex)shopaholic, I was overcome with guilt when I saw all the clothes I accumulated over the last 6 years. I realized just how unsustainable my consumption habits were. In the age of Instagram, most of us have been guilty of purchasing new outfits purely for that caught-in-the-moment candid photoshoot or a wear-once-to-a-wedding dress. So I built a solution that empowers us to share and steer away from fashion waste while looking fabulous. I hope you will love renting as much as I do. »

-Love Sandra